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Karasumi 4-Variety Set

Karasumi 4-Variety Set

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Karasumi 4-Variety Set: Mustard, Smoked, Sansho (Japanese pepper), Yuzu

This is a set of four types of karasumi, featuring the maximum umami of mentaiko (spicy cod roe). Perfect as a luxurious snack or for creating special dishes at home.

Our proudly presented karasumi is made using carefully selected fish roe, known for its mouth-melting texture and rich flavor. It pairs well with drinks, serves as a delightful snack, and enhances various dishes such as pasta.

Take this opportunity to order from our online shop. Once the product arrives, enjoy its richness and have a luxurious moment.

[Ingredients] Walleye cod ovary (Russia/USA), salt, chili pepper, chili pepper, white sesame, black sesame, green seaweed, hemp seeds, poppy seeds, Japanese pepper, sake, seasonings (mino acids, etc.), oxidation Inhibitor (vitamin C), niacin, coloring agent (sodium nitrite)

[Capacity] 1(20g) x4 varieties
[Best before date] 150 days
[Storage method] Store at room temperature (please avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity)

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