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Yuzu Mentaiko Karasumi

Yuzu Mentaiko Karasumi

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Hakata's mentaiko has been transformed into "karasumi", with the added zest of "Yuzu" seasoning. This karasumi captures and intensifies the rich essence of mustard mentaiko. Enjoy it thinly sliced alongside your favorite drink or atop a bowl of rice. Dice it for a unique pasta or salad garnish, or cut to your desired size for a heartwarming ochazuke experience.

[Ingredients] Walleye cod ovaries (Russia/US), salt, red pepper, yuzu powder, sake, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), antioxidants (vitamin C), niacin, coloring agent (sodium nitrite)
[Capacity] 1(20g)
[Best before date] 150 days
[Storage method] Store at room temperature (please avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity)

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